Dark Chocolate Barks

Dark Chocolate Barks

Gingery Pistachio - A bite of Ginger and subtle flavor of Pistachios. Here for a limited time!

Anti-Oxidizer - This flavor-rich, anti-oxidant-packed Dark Chocolate bark packs a punch with dried Cranberries, Blueberries & Cherries

Aztec Bark - Warm 'n Spicy Dark Chocolate, sprinkled with Chipotle Chili Powder and crunchy Pepitas

Butter Toffee Dark Chocolate Bark - Crunchy Toffee and Almonds in Dark Chocolate

Midnight Cherry Bark - An Elegant pairing of 70% dark chocolate with the potent zing of dried, tart Michigan cherries

Sea Turtle Dark Chocolate Bark - Swirls of Caramel and Pecans in Dark Chocolate, sprinkled with Portuguese Sea Salt

Swirly Salty Dark Chocolate Bark - Loads of Caramel swirled in Dark Chocolate and sprinkled with Portuguese Sea Salt

All Barks come in a 5 oz bag