6 Piece Assorted Chocolate Truffle Box


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This gift box contains six of our top selling truffles and customer favorites. Praises will abound after the delicious silence as tastebuds are treated to the indescribably exquisite flavors and smooth creamy,
melt-in-your-mouth ganache center of every truffle.

Six Piece Assorted Truffle Gift Box Pictured (Clockwise, starting top right)
1) Creme Brulee White
2) Sweet Potato Milk
3) Blueberry Cheesecake Dark & White
4) George Washington Dark
5) Milk Chai Tea Cup
6) Dark Orange

Six Piece Milk Truffle Gift Box:
1) ExperiMint Milk
2) Raspberry Heart Milk
3) Caramel Apple Pie
4) Peanutbutter Twirl
5) Mascarpone Raspberry Heart
6) Lemon Caramel

Six Piece Dark Chocolate Truffle Gift Box:
1) Black Velvet
2) Raspberry Heart Dark
3) ExperiMint Dark
4) Almost Fudge Dark
5) Mascarpone Raspberry Heart Dark
6) Dark Orange

Warning: Artists at work! Truffles change with the seasons and the holidays. Be prepared to be delighted!